BEMER® (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation) is a vascular therapy that significantly improves circulation in your body, which means better supply of oxygen, nutrients, as well as proper waste removal within the body. It is simply the best way to increase circulation for more energy, better sleep and less inflammation.  If you haven't heard about this medical therapy out of Germany, you will — German technology with Swiss manufacturing.

BEMER started marketing to the U.S. in the beginning of 2007. But, the Germans had NO idea how to market to the American people, nor did they understand our FDA. The BEMER® technology did not start gaining traction until around 2014. In 2018, BEMER® celebrated 20 years — and the U.S. is now their biggest consumer. BEMER® is in over 40+ countries and over 4,000 hospitals worldwide. It is an FDA Registered Class I Medical Device, owns five worldwide patents, and has the only patented sleep program out there. You will find over 40 articles in PubMed. Just do a search for “BEMER.” There are other PEMF mats that will say they have PubMed articles, but they are only connecting “generic” PEMF research to their mats. There has been actual published research and many clinical trials conducted using actual BEMER® devices.

There really is nothing else out there like it. The frequency is completely different than the other PEMF devices you will find. BEMER® simply uses PEMF to transfer the frequency. It is such a special frequency that after NASA tested every device out there they signed a collaboration with BEMER® a few years ago. They are researching it to see how they can incorporate it into their space program to help alleviate some of the health issues the astronauts encounter when being up in space for long periods of time — they lose about 30% of their bone and muscle mass. It wreaks havoc on their bodies.

And, least I forget, the NFL Alumni Association has partnered with BEMER® in June of 2018. You can read more about that here —

BEMER® works on — Concentration, Mental Acuity, Stress Reduction, Better General Blood Flow, Relaxation, General Blood Supply and Disposal, Cardiac Function, Physical Fitness, Endurance, Strength and Energy.

Basically, it creates better blood flow in the body down to the capillaries, which carry 74% of our blood flow.  The many, many, many testimonials I have heard from friends, clients, and others, are jaw dropping. — 8-Minute overview

The first video below will sum up what the BEMER® actually does. The next website has some great information and videos that explain what happens in the body, but make sure you watch the testimonials from health care practitioners at the bottom of that website that are quite amazing. Below that are some additional videos and information. — This 2:36 minute video is basically why BEMER is so special! A view of a capillary blown up a “zillion” times showing blood flow before, during, and after a BEMER® session. — This site has tons of information. From science, to studies, to research & patents, to the Collaboration with NASA, as well as testimonials from physicians, and FAQs. If you scroll to the bottom, there are additional pages. If you click on BEMER COMMUNITY, you will find more testimonials from Brand Ambassadors, to Professional Athletes, and more under MY BEMER STORY. — Doctor panel at B20 Conference — The story . . . and testimonials! — Dr. Todd Wylie, BEMER® eyes — Race Across America (RAAM) is one of the most grueling and longest running ultra-endurance races in the world. — The Haug Report — BEMER® Physical Vascular Therapy.

TESTIMONIALS — BEMER® is foundational wellness, as the body has incredible healing abilities IF it is given the right tools . . . — Anne Bernard, Acupuncturist, Naturopath using BEMER for 16 years — BEMER® and Autism — BEMER®, liver health and avoided shoulder surgery — Interview for joint discomfort and range of motion, when BEMER® was introduced in the U.S., what and how the body works, how BEMER® helps support the body — BEMER® and heart function — BEMER® and Down Syndrome — Dr. Stephen Weiss, MD on BEMER Therapy: Musculoskeletal issues and diabetic blood sugar levels — BEMER® and a severe lactic acid condition from exercising and microcirculation issues in the extremities as a result of a rattlesnake bite — This is a S. Africa site with tons of testimonials, which we aren’t allowed to do in the U.S. (gotta love the FDA)

BEMER® for horses! Yes, I actually bought the horse unit before the human unit — that’s how much I love horses, and anything that can help them live happier, more productive lives. Of course, BEMER® was created for humans, but all living creatures need proper blood flow. Unfortunately, many of the videos I had below are being deleted one by one, because, you know, in the U.S. the FDA doesn’t want anyone to be healthy. Yes, I’m becoming more and more sarcastic from being so frustrated with our health system, or lack, thereof. I try to keep on top of it, to make sure the videos are still available, but if you find one that is no longer playing, that is what has happened. You will find several horse and small animal testimonials on the S. African site above, because the FDA can’t do anything about testimonials in other countries. Thank goodness!

The videos below will explain the horse unit, and how veterinarians are using the human unit for dogs and cats, as well as a host of other small animals: — BEMER® Horse Set, for your horse’s well-being

Exactly what I mentioned above, I am SO upset to find that this whole presentation and footage of the horses capillary system has been taken down. — Dr. Klopp explaining the first ever footage of a horse’s micro-circulatory system before and after a BEMER® session, which will be published. The beginning is interesting, and he compares horses to humans, with live footage from several horses. You can fast forward to about minute 10:50 to 16:00 and watch live footage of a horse’s capillary. Dr. Klopp had never been around a horse before and is a human doctor, not an animal doctor — but what he has found has got him excited to learn more. He is determined to get a BEMER signal just for the horse! — BEMER® horse set explained by Veterinarian, Dr. Gus Brooks. — Simone Blum is a German show jumper. In 2018, she won the individual gold medal at the 2018 World Equestrian Games on her horse DSP Alice. — BEMER® horse and small animal presentation by Linda Tellington Jones and her brother, Randy Hood, large animal veterinarian. — Linda Tellington and her brother Randy Hood — Equitana in Germany with stallions and barrel horses; in the U.S. with school horses, older horses, trailering, endurance horses and riding; dogs and cats. — Murphy Jack’s story, from a paralyzed fluffy little dog to 100% recovery

How can you get more information and give it a try . . .

The best way to experience what BEMER® can do for you, or someone you know, is to rent my rental unit for a two-week rental period and use it in your home or office twice a day for only 8 minutes a day, with complete guidance from me, a BEMER® educational specialist. Or, if you live locally, we have informational meetings at a local hospital campus in Lancaster, PA. I always bring my mat, so you can try it out before the meeting starts. The presentation goes into what BEMER® is, the science, how and why it works, as well as time for Q&A’s, with some pretty awesome testimonials scattered throughout.

I also own the equine set and would be glad to do a demonstration — and I always bring my human unit, as well. The first session/demo is always free. After that, I am offering horse sessions at $45/session, or buy a package of four sessions for $150. Depending on the distance, there may be a travel charge of $10, which can be split between two or more people. I also have access to a horse rental set at this time for two-week rentals. Trust me, with animals there is no placebo effect! I have experienced some awesome results with horses, including mine.

No matter if it’s humans, horses, or any kind of animal, we can ALL benefit from better oxygen and blood flow!

P.S. I do carry a $1 million liability policy, although since the beginning of BEMER, no human or animal has ever been harmed. After all, we are only increasing oxygen and blood flow!

*This website was prepared by an Independent BEMER Associate.