BEMER (Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation) is a therapy that helps regulate the flow of energy in your body. If you haven't heard about this medical therapy out of Germany, you will. German technology and Swiss manufacturing, it just doesn't get any better than this. It's taking the human and animal world by storm.

This year, 2018, they are celebrating 20 years, but it's only been about four years ago that the huge wave hit the U.S. They are in over 40+ countries, over 4,000 hospitals worldwide, and you will find over 40 articles in PubMed. The FDA has given it a Class I Medical Device approval.

There is nothing else out there like it. The frequency is completely different than the other devices you will find. So much so, that NASA signed a collaboration with BEMER a few years ago that they just renewed. They are researching it to see how they can incorporate it in their space program to help alleviate some of the health issues the astronauts encounter when being up in space for long periods of time -- they lose about 30% of their bone and muscle mass. It wreaks havoc on their bodies!

Basically, it creates better blood flow in the body -- and whenever you can help the body increase blood flow, it is always a good thing, especially to the capillaries, which carry 74% of our blood flow. The many, many, many testimonials I have heard from friends, clients, and others, are mind boggling.

Here is a website created by one of our distributors with some great videos that explains what happens in the body. Just hover on RESOURCES, then click on "WHAT IS BEMER?" You will find a few testimonials from health care practitioners at the bottom of the page that are quite amazing! You will also find information about the equine blanket under BEMER VETERINARY LINE in the dropdown menu. -- -- Dr. Rainer Klopp explains the BEMER signal -- BEMER 5 minute overivew -- Race Across America (A documentary is in the works on how they won the race using the BEMER.) -- BEMER blanket for our equine friends, or any large animal -- BEMER for small animals (Awesome story!)

If you live locally, we have informational meetings at a local hospital campus. I know, because I investigated it for at least a year. (Yes, I am that skeptical!) There are always mats available to try it out before the meeting starts -- and there are always lots of testimonials. Until I have the human unit, I have someone I am working with who rents out the human mat, if you would like to try it. 

I currently have the equine blanket and am offering free demonstrations, so everyone can actually see how it works on their horse(s).  I have experienced some awesome results with clients' horses. Trust me, with animals there is no placebo effect! I will be offering the BEMER horse therapy at $25/session, or buy a package of five sessions for $100. Depending on the distance, there may be a travel charge of $10, which can be split by two or more people.