Gluten-Free Suggestions!


Below is a list of gluten-free products that my family has tried -- and we think they are pretty darn good! There are new products coming on the market every day. 

Having said that, though, gluten-free is not anymore healthy than any other processed food. But, it's a great way to "kick" the habit, as gluten is very addicting, until you can gradually cut back on these products -- maybe all together! They are fine to just snitch once in a while, but you can quickly gain weight if you aren't careful. They are still grains, and grains turn to sugar! These are occasional treats for us, but Iā€™m finding I am baking more and more with almond flour to eliminate all grains. And, please read through the ingredients when shopping gluten-free. Those companies can still hide "not so great" ingredients in there.

Tom Sawyer Gluten-Free Flour --    (Great flour substitute. Shipping is included in the price, but your local health food store may carry it.)

Pamela's All-Purpose Blend Flour (Artisan Blend) -- This is another gluten-free flour I use.  We liked how our pie crust turned out!

Schar Table Crackers and Schar Ciabatta Rolls

Three Bakers --     (Very good breads with whole grains and seeds.)

Udi's  -- All of their breads, rolls, and pizza crusts are very good.  Most grocery stores and health food stores carry their products.

DeLand Bakery --     (Breads are made with a millet base. They may be available at your local store, or you can order online.)

Sweet Note Bagels --     (This young lady makes the BEST bagels I have ever eaten. My whole family agrees! And she's in my own state of Pennsylvania.)

Absolutely Gluten Free --     (We have only tried their flatbread, which are crackers. The "Everything" flavor is good.

Blue Diamond Nut-Thins  (several varieties such as Almond, Pecan, etc.)

Namaste Foods "Spice Cake Mix" and "Chocolate Cake Mix"     (They have several varieties, but these two are our favorites!  Note: for the Spice Cake, try substituting 1/2 of the oil with applesauce)

There are lots of good pastas out there now. Here are a few we like:

         -- Tinkyada (spagetti, elbows, macaroni, penne, shells, spirals -- we like their spinach spagetti)

         -- Jovial (spaghetti and angel hair)

         -- Ronzoni (spaghetti, penne, macaroni)

Cookies -- For the occasional cookie treat, there are lots of great cookies out there.  Personally, if I'm going to eat a cookie, I'd rather make them myself! And, if you use almond flour, they are almost guilt free!