Gluten-Free Suggestions!


Below is a list of gluten-free products that my family has tried -- and we think they are pretty darn good! There are new products coming on the market every day. 

Having said that, though, gluten-free is not anymore healthy than any other processed food. But, it's a great way to "kick" the habit, as gluten is very addicting, until you can gradually cut back on these products -- maybe all together!  They are fine to just snitch once in a while, but you can quickly gain weight if you aren't careful. They are still grains, and grains turn to sugar! These are the products that we used for occasional treats, or to wean us off gluten, but I am now almost grain-free. Occasionally, I may eat buckwheat. When I bake, I try to use almond flour.

PLEASE read through the ingredients when shopping gluten-free. Those companies can still hide "not so great" ingredients in there.

Tom Sawyer Gluten-Free Flour --    (Great flour substitute. Shipping is included in the price, but your local health food store may carry it.)

Pamela's All-Purpose Blend Flour (Artisan Blend) -- This is another gluten-free flour I use.  We liked how our pie crust turned out!

Schar Table Crackers and Schar Ciabatta Rolls

Three Bakers --     (Very good breads with whole grains and seeds.)

Udi's  -- All of their breads, rolls, and pizza crusts are very good.  Most grocery stores and health food stores carry their products.

DeLand Bakery --     (Breads are made with a millet base. They may be available at your local store, or you can order online.)

Sweet Note Bagels --     (This young lady makes the BEST bagels I have ever eaten. My whole family agrees! And she's in my own state of Pennsylvania.)

Absolutely Gluten Free --     (We have only tried their flatbread, which are crackers. The "Everything" flavor is good.

Blue Diamond Nut-Thins  (several varieties such as Almond, Pecan, etc.)

Namaste Foods "Spice Cake Mix" and "Chocolate Cake Mix"     (They have several varieties, but these two are our favorites!  Note: for the Spice Cake, try substituting 1/2 of the oil with applesauce)

There are lots of good pastas out there now. Here are a few we like:

         -- Tinkyada (spagetti, elbows, macaroni, penne, shells, spirals -- we like their spinach spagetti)

         -- Jovial (spaghetti and angel hair)

         -- Ronzoni (spaghetti, penne, macaroni)

Cookies -- For the occasional cookie treat, there are lots of great cookies out there.  Personally, if I'm going to eat a cookie, I'd rather make them myself! And, if you use almond flour, they are almost guilt free!