“There is no incurable disease, only incurable people.” ~Macrobiotic Guru George Ohsawa




Maybe you are someone who doesn't need health coaching, but you do need help choosing the supplements that are right for you. If that is the case, then you are on the right page!

So many people in the United States take synthetic vitamins. If they are so good for our bodies, we should be the healthiest country in the world!  Instead, we are becoming more and more sick.

Ask yourself this question:  If you do not believe in putting synthetic drugs in your body, why would you put synthetic vitamins in your body?


Why should you supplement, if you are eating a healthy diet?

Unfortunately, our soils have been over-farmed, which means your food no longer contains everything your body needs. I have heard that mineral deficiencies in our fruits and vegetables are at least 40% or more. I believe it's much higher than that! In 1992, at an Earth Summit in Brazil, it was noted that the mineral depletion in the U.S. soils topped the charts at 85% deficient. That was over 20 years ago!  Food-based supplements are now an essential part of a healthy diet.

I used a few supplements from Isagenix International that I am very comfortable endorsing.  These are products that my body can actually utilize and I can feel the difference. They also fully test all of the ingredients before they allow their products to be manufactured.  ALL raw materials are rigorously tested for safety, which is the highest priority for Isagenix. Rigorous testing is performed for:

  • Microbial activity – total aerobic bacterial, yeast and mold, salmonella and E. coli strains, and other bacterial strains

  • Pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides

  • Heavy Metals – all botanicals are tested for the presence of lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic

  • PCBs and dioxins (fish oil) – each batch of fish oil is third-party tested to confirm undetectable levels of heavy metals, PCBs, and dioxins.

Then, aside from the initial inspection, they are one of the few companies in the world to have a surveillance program that inspects and re-analyzes finished products. It involves sending their products for independent laboratory testing to ensure that their products fully meet (100%) the label claim and support their published expiration date.

If your body loves dairy, then the Isagenix whey protein shakes are the best on the market, with their famous 70+ mineral blend. They are full meal replacements. They also have a couple dairy-free shakes that are brown rice and pea protein based, but do not contain the mineral blend. Unfortunately, I have to be dairy-free, and my body does NOT like rice protein.

I use a protein powder from Organifi, which is organic pea/quinoa/pumpkin, using monk fruit, so very low in carbs — and I also use and/or combine a protein powder from Sunwarrior that is hemp protein and pea protein.

The Isagenix non-dairy products that I use, some every day, some occasionally: IsaFlush, IsaDelight (dark chocolate), AMPED NOx, Immune Shake Booster, Isagenix Greens, Isagenix Coffee, e+ Shots, and the telomere support IsaGenesis.

The AMPED line is all “Informed-Sport Certified.”

Here is my Isagenix website with a complete product guide, as well as more information —  https://audreygregis.isagenix.com/

Here is the Sunwarrior site where I purchase my dairy-free shakes and bars — https://sunwarrior.com/ (Warrior Blend Protein Power and Sol Good Protein Bars)

Here is the Organifi site to check out their product line — https://organifi.myshopify.com/ But, I found their shipping to be super expensive, unless your order totals $250! Amazon’s prices are also crazy expensive, but I have found Lucky Vitamin to have good prices with free shipping over $49.

What we all have to understand is that we live in a very toxic world.  Your body creates visceral fat cells to store all the toxins from what we eat, from what we breathe, and from what we put on our skin.  And, what about stress?  In the world we live in, who doesn't have stress?  Yes, even stress can cause your body to create dangerous visceral fat.  Because we live in such a stress-filled toxic world, even someone who is normal weight can have visceral fat collecting around their organs.  The term is "skinny fat."  When is the last time you heard about a perfectly healthy athletic person who dropped over dead?  That’s why visceral fat is so dangerous — you can’t always see it, but it can really affect your health.  By the time you can see the belly fat and the “love handle" fat, it's a guarantee it's also surrounding your heart and other organs.

I have had a lot of success using the Isagenix nutritional cleansing system, as many other have, but I have been exploring and learning about the “Keto” way of life. As an O blood type, I am really loving the whole concept — and feeling great! I found with each passing decade that grains were not what my body needed, or liked! So, I have ventured from Paleo to now working my way into a more Ketogenic lifestyle. I never did give up butter — and now it looks like I was right!

Whatever it is you decide on, it HAS to become a lifestyle, not a diet. Diets do not last, lifestyles do! If you are struggling from constantly being hungry, maybe your body isn’t getting the minerals it needs. As I mentioned above, our soils and foods are hugely mineral deficient. Maybe you aren’t getting the essential fats that your body needs, because we really do need those fats! Not the artificial trans fats, but good essential fats. They help you feel satiated — and your brain really needs those good fats.

If you are having trouble figuring it all out, or feeling your way through the health world maze, reach out. After all, two heads are better than one!

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