Some additional links you may be interested in . . .


Square Foot Gardening:


Diatomaceous Earth (DE). If you do not know the benefits of DE, just read through the testimonials on the last two sites. DE is quite interesting, along with being "dirt" cheap (excuse the pun!). And, if you live locally, I always have some to sell, as I buy it by the 50 lb. bag!


Dandy Blend:   (A delicious dandelion drink! Great coffee or hot chocolate replacement.)


Magnesium — Anyone who knows me knows I'm crazy about minerals! Out of at least 90 minerals that we need, magnesium is one of the most important. Here are some great resources:

          —     (This is a great company to go to for magnesium supplementation. I, personally, love their Jigsaw MagNow (lysinate glycinate), which is better to take before bed, as it promotes relaxation and sleep.) 

          —     (Morley runs the Magnesium Advocacy Group. His site has some great information. As he mentions, one of the best ways  to up your magnesium is transdermally, through foot soaks or baths. See the link below for great Epsom Salts prices.)

          —     (The company name is actually SaltWorks. They have the best prices for Epsom Salts that I've found, along with free shipping!)


Boron — Boron is a co-factor for Magnesium. I've included a very good paper on Boron, as well as a lecture by Dr. Jorge Flechas.

          —     (Great article on Boron.  Also give it to our Mustang.)

          —     (YouTube Video with Dr. Jorge Flechas)

Redmond Real Salt — This is the “sea” salt that I use in my daily cooking, and even add it to my water! The mine is right here in the U.S.A. in Utah! If you check out the “Pet Stuff!!” page, there are links for the animal and soil products. The link below has all of their human products:


Colloidal Silver (nature's antibiotic):

          —     (This is an excellent video on the benefits of Colloidal Silver. A little long, but well worth the time to watch it.)

          —     (An article about Colloidal Silver.  If you do a Google search for Colloidal Silver you will find all kinds of false claims. Don't believe them. My family has been using it both internally and externally for years, along with using it on our dogs, cats, and horses.) 

Dairy Free Shakes and Bars from Sunwarrior: (Love their Warrior Blend Protein Power and Sol Good Protein Bars)

Essential Oils from Basic Earth Essentials:

          —     (Fabulous product line!  They ship all over the U.S., but are right in my backyard -- lucky me!)


Makeup and Skincare:

         —   (Juara Skincare -- love their Radiance Enzyme Scrub, Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask, and Sweet Black Tea & Ginger Oil-Free Moisturizer. For 10% off use code: JUAAMB3921)

        —     (Red Apple Lipstick -- fabulous gluten-free, paraben-free makeup. Love their lipsticks and mascara!)

        —     (Skincare at a reasonable price!  For $8 off your first order, use this link: )