I have suffered with Candida for years and no matter what I did it would always come back. I was depressed, had constant body aches, constipation, night sweats, headaches, memory issues, itching, skin rashes, dandruff, flaky skin, weight gain and mood swings. I also was diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa (a painful skin disease) when I was 11 years old. I suffered with it most of my life and all the doctors would do is put me on high doses of antibiotics for extended periods of time. The drugs made me sick and I had terrible allergic reactions to every different drug they tried. No medical doctor was ever able to help me.

After many years, I gradually migrated into a holistic lifestyle. I chose to eat "clean" and avoid processed foods. I quit smoking 3 years ago. I felt like I was doing all the right things, but I continued to feel "bad." I decided to try using a health coach, because I knew I was missing something in trying to be "well." In our conversations and emails we finally exposed that the Candida problem could be linked to hypothyroidism. My mother suffered from Grave's disease so this began to make sense. As Audrey would say, "we peeled back the layers of the onion" to try and figure out the complex puzzle.

Having a personal health coach has been an important part of my healing. Audrey has been so patient and knowledgeable in helping me further change and adjust my diet. I feel as if I understand my own body and what it is telling me. Her recommendations for products using a individual and holistic approach was exactly what I was looking for. Treating the cause of my symptoms was my first step in healing.

I am still in the process of healing and changing. Having Audrey as my personal health coach really keeps me on track. Her support both in my physical health and my mental health has been a catalyst in helping me stay on the right path.

Brenda - MD


I lived tired. I could have a conversation with someone and when I walked away, I had no idea what we just talked about. I found myself falling asleep in my chair in the afternoon at work. I struggled to keep my eyes open during the day, no matter how many hours of sleep I got the night before. By the time I made it home, I was ready to crash.  I had no energy to do anything around the house, much less cook or clean.

Audrey explained why I may need to add supplements to my diet everyday and after 30 days I realized I no longer felt tired throughout the day.  I had tons of energy in the evenings and could remember all conversations I had with everyone!

I have lost weight and most importantly been able to maintain my weight. Audrey has also shown me how to make healthy shakes every morning. I would not miss a day without my shakes and supplements.  They have changed my life in so many positive ways.

Nikki - MD


Audrey, everything is going well. I did my measurements on Friday and have now lost a total of 9 lbs. and 30 inches. More importantly, I feel great — I know I am on the path of making a real lifestyle change. The past two weeks have been filled with social events that of course were loaded with food and I was so proud of myself, every single time not only were my selections healthy but gluten free as well.

As always, thank you for everything. You truly are changing my life. 

Samm - PA


My Family's Testimonial

Growing up on a farm, I learned early on the importance of eating a healthy diet. But, as I was watching the decline in our country's health, I knew there had to be more. I started learning about the depletion of minerals in our soils and why we needed to supplement when I was having trouble sleeping in my early 50's. By the afternoon, it was hard to stay awake. After turning 55, I learned that the synthetic vitamins I was taking for at least 33 years were actually toxic for me, so I went searching for food-based supplements. Supplements that included the full spectrum of minerals. That was the beginning of a new level of health for me and my family.

I have a family history of heart disease. On my wedding day, after giving me away, my grandfather had a heart attack and passed later that evening. Then, in 2006, my mother underwent six-bypass surgery. Even though the surgeon (originally from Johns Hopkins) told us her heart was the size of a basketball, within three months she went back to her unhealthy eating habits, landed in a nursing home six years later, lost her leg after a year-long battle to save it, and passed away two weeks later from congestive heart disease. In addition, many family members have debilitating arthritis. Once I unlocked the key to my deficiencies, along with going gluten-free and dairy-free, I started running circles around my kids! I was even approved for additional life insurance at age 57 at a "Preferred Best" rate.

I had an ankle problem that would have needed surgery, which threw my opposite knee off, and caused me to walk up and down steps sideways taking one step at a time. Fortunately, the aching pain in my ankle is now gone, my knees are great, and I’m back to power-walking 2+ miles. My complexion is great, I’ve lost wrinkles, and eliminated the eczema on my legs. The psoriasis on my elbows is gone. I have lost that menopause weight — that women are told is impossible to lose. And, I lost another two dress sizes after learning about nutritional cleansing to rid my body of toxins. I'm now down to a size 4! Best thing is, I've easily kept it off. No more yo-yo weight gain over the winter months!

My son Brendon is Celiac and was the reason our family went gluten free over a decade ago. Then, in 2006, he was diagnosed with having a gene for Reactive Arthritis (HLA B-27), which led into gout (hint: black cherry juice is wonderful for gout). The doctors told us there was nothing they could do. Yet after finding the foods that were inflammatory to his body, dairy being one of them, his joint pain disappeared and he easily lost the weight he tried so long to lose. He used food-based supplements to heal his body -- and he is now biking 20, 30, 40 miles along the hills we live around. He can jog, squat, or do anything else he wants to do. He has a normal pain-free life. The psoriasis that the barber said he would never get rid of is also gone.

My daughter Morgan had constant UTI's from a very early age. We finally connected them to gluten in the beginning of our gluten-free journey. When we added mineral supplementation, she noticed she could focus better in school. Cutting out dairy has left her complexion acne-free. We have cleared up her rosacea, her asthma symptoms are gone, a pinched nerve that acted up in her shoulder once in a while is gone, and her occasional leg cramps are gone.

My oldest son was a harder nut to crack! He was gluten-free until he went out on his own, although it finally caught up to him in his early 20's. He started having similar symptoms that his younger brother had years prior, but I'm happy to say he is now gluten-free -- and dairy free. Although he had a pretty good diet, since he was a personal trainer and body builder for quite a few years, eliminating gluten and dairy made all the difference in his health.

Audrey - PA 


These testimonies have been published with the consent of clients.  None of these statements have been verified by independent laboratory studies or by physicians.